Meeting Indira a former colleague at the Hilton Colombo came as a pleasant surprise! Here was a woman who now is a well-known and reputed jeweller, Sri Lanka can be proud of! Local fashionistas will soon be fortunate to once again be privy to her new range of fashion jewellery presented in various forms and styles. Created with different natural elements and artistically designed by the talented Indira de Silva herself; she needs no introduction to the fashion conscious in Sri Lanka,going by her past success with her previous exhibitions!

Aptly branded as Mineral – her pieces are handcrafted and hand-woven using different metals. Passionate in what she does is clearly evident in the masterpieces she has created which go on display at the Cedar Room, Cinnamon Grand on the 9th June 2018 – a one day exhibition only.

Each piece can be considered a fashion statement or a conversation piece as each is unique and novel in style. Made from elements drawn from various sources, her jewellery literally comes to life worn by the modern woman or man of today.

Pendants come in different shapes and sizes, in beaten metals that are beautifully put together. Each piece boasts a modern style. Besides her range of jewellery made with copper, other designs come in brass, or, have an African influence, a combination of leather braids, shells and beads –unusual to say the least!

This year she has created a new range which she calls “copper woven jewellery” a new technique introduced in to the making of her jewellery. The pieces made out of copper doesn’t tarnish, she says. What you see are intricate designs that comes in 3 colours, rose gold, a more orangey colour and a dark brown coloured copper which she says blends well with the average Sri Lankan complexion. More importantly is that they are affordable and stylish and some are made with jasper stones. Her jewellery also has embedded in them, semi-precious stones, while some have been created to match batik fabric, an influence that has recently added to her range.

Stunning to look at, stunning when worn are also her pieces made with natural jade and pearls. Ethnic are some, while some have been turned out of wood and plants that have aged. Her creative fingers have blessed the modern range of jewellery with mother of pearls and south sea pearls set in silver and white gold plated.

‘Baroque’ pearls are odd shaped pearls also referred to as organic gems which she loves to work with resulting in both a modern and vintage look. A selection of pearl necklaces and pendants that would suit all ages will be the highlight of this exhibition. Her signature feature in all her pieces of jewellery reflects elegance and uniqueness; a statement she endorses with all her products.

Indiratakes pride in making individual pieces for clients which are made to their liking. She takes into consideration the personality of the customer itself! So unique are all her pieces, that it can be worn with any outfit or style, she continues to say.

Rare bead bracelets and copper bracelets, choker style necklaces with pendants, rings, handbags and shawls are a first too for her at this exhibition.

Indira’s beginnings were those of an aspiring airhostess flying the national carrier where she travelled the world. It was during her overseas travels that she took an interest in jewellery, realizing the importance of how it enhanced a woman’s look! Her career transgressed to being a sales person at the Hilton Colombo. Marriage followed and she travelled the world settling down in Indonesia since 23 years with her husband.

With her two sons having left her nest, she realized she had more time to focus once again on her dream which was creating her own jewellery collection. Today, she is a much sought after designer having earned a reputation in the field of fashion jewellery.

Her customers are wide and varied from all parts of the world.She has held exhibitions in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and is frequently contacted to make personalized jewellery for customers,a clientele built over the years. Her home-base being Indonesia has played a major role and strong influence in her creative thinking which are evident in her finished products.