Special screening and GOT theme night at Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo

What better way to celebrate an 8-year long obsession with one of the greatest television experiences to-date than to reminisce your journey with the Game of Thrones in an epic night of GOT quizzes, themed food and beverages and a screening of the final episode to hash out your doubts and queries with other fellow GOT-ers? We have your GOT homestretch sorted with 50% off on food & beverage.

Join us at Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo to re-live the most monumental showdown in television history.

The screening of the final episode and a quiz night to test whether you are the ultimate GOT fan, will revive your almost decade long devotion to the show.

The themed food offers are up for grabs, along with signature beverages, Mother of Dragons and Cinnamon Apple Red Viper among many other food offerings, to give you the ultimate Friday night to celebrate this epic race to the Throne.

The watch starts at 7 pm sharp today (24th May) at Cinnamon Lakeside! Register now on www.cinnamonboxoffice.com or call on 071 711 8111 to make a reservation, its Entrance Free!

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