Frederick James Koch with the Director Aziz Tazi & producer Keith Barrows of NIGHTWALKFrederick James Koch, born to Sri Lankan parents, has been signed on for the Hollywood film ‘NIGHTWALK’.

The film Starring Eric Roberts (Julie Roberts’ brother) and Patrick Kilpatrick amongst a
star cast of other known Hollywood actors and actresses is been filmed both in the USA and Morocco.

Executive producer Keith Barrows and director Aziz Tazi flew to Morocco to complete filming after special scenes in Beverley Hills and Bel Air were completed where in Frederick James Koch was filmed driving over a cliff to his death in a terrifying scene been forced over a canyon on Mullholland Drive, a well known mountainous road.

‘Frederick James Koch has that ‘extra-ordinary’ look about himself with that charismatic delivery which makes him a much sought after actor in Hollywood. I predict a great future for this young man who incidentally wrote and sings the title track of the film as well. We were held spellbound when he just picked up a guitar and got down to the business of singing’ on a set one balmy evening in Morocco. The song was co-written and produced by the legendary Morris Hayes, a ‘Black Hall Of Fame’ inductee and music director to music icon PRINCE over the last 20 years. I have ear marked him for a slate of my films which we hope to start in the next months and especially a film now in the pre-production stage to be shot in Ghana. He is also shortlisted to star in a jungle adventure film ‘The Leopard Tree’ based on a true story which we hope to film in Sri Lanka towards the end of the year,” Keith Barrows said.

Making his debut in the award winning Chandran Rutnam film ‘A COMMON MAN’ with Sir Ben Kingsley filmed entirely in Sri Lanka had Koch playing a detective.

He plays the part of an investigative journalist in ‘NIGHTWALK’ falling prey to a ‘Bikie gang’

He gets murdered due to his interference in an intriguing murder trial while trying to help his best friend who is on death row awaiting execution.

Frederick James Koch has also been shortlisted for a movie called ‘Fore-closure’ a thrilling horror film to be made by ALTA VISTA ENTERTAINMENT GROUP in the coming weeks. (Colombo Gazette)