Shafraz Anees, Managing Director, The Manhattan FISH MARKET Sri LankaAward winning seafood restaurant, The Manhattan FISH MARKET fishes out an innovative sea-lection of 53 dishes today, broadening the variety and value that the restaurant brings onshore. With the evolving palettes and preferences of Sri Lankan diners in mind, the restaurant pushes the envelope of culinary creativity to develop an extensive spread and pull together a feast of New and Bolder Flavors!

Commenting on the launch of the new and bolder menu, ShafrazAnees, Managing Director, The Manhattan FISH MARKET, stated: “We are extremely excited to launch this new menu which is sure to please our diners with the mouthwatering dishes on offer.  We are always looking to offer innovation and variety in our menu so that our guests can enjoy a unique dining experience. Our food on the menu does just that, featuring wider and bolder flavors that are prepared in our signature 5 cooking methods. We look forward to all the seafood lovers visiting our restaurants and enjoying our new menu.”

The new menu will be available from 18th of April onwards at The Manhattan FISH MARKET Sri Lanka at the Rajagiriya and Deal Place outlets. The new shoal of mouth-watering items stars a wider variety of seafood such as Cod and Barramundi with explosive new flavors like the Volcano sauce. Buckle up for a bold gastronomic roller coaster ride with friends and family as the restaurant reels in these delicious dishes that are bound to whet your appetite.

Here are our star picks from the spread of 53 sea-lections to kick-start The Manhattan FISH MARKET voyage!

Big BOLD sea-lections

It’s a celebration of firsts at The Manhattan FISH MARKET with the spicy Curry Hill Seafood. The dish full of tantalizing aroma and cooked with different spices is inspired by Murray Hill in Manhattan, affectionately known as Curry Hill by New Yorkers as the area is famed for its Indian cuisine. Perfectly cooked in Murray Curry Sauce, you can expect succulent seafood bursting with bold curry flavors that’ll spice up your palate. Served with battered veggie sticks and slices of crispy baguette for you to soak up the sauce.

Burger is another new entry to the menu with our Pepper Mayo Salmon Burger. A juicy salmon fillet, poached in delicious stock for more natural goodness. Topped with a sunny side up and drizzled with pepper mayo. It’s a dish to dive for.

Fin-tastically FUN sea-lections

Sink your teeth into the hand battered crispy fillets of Fishy Chicky Bang Bang and ask yourself – Is it fish? Or is it chicken? For the very first time, enjoy Surf ‘n Turf in a single bite with dory fillet on one side and chicken fillet on the other, a marriage sealed with cheddar cheese sandwiched in between. Be surprised as the tantalizing flavors of ocean and land meld into perfect union. Served with a sunny side-up nestled on a bed of fried spaghetti together with house salad and chips, the fillet is the dream of any afish-cionado seeking the best of both worlds in a delicious mouthful.

Turn up the heat and fire up your dining session with friends and family by daring them to a game of Oyster Roulette. A starter featuring four spicy poached oyster shooters that look exactly the same, except for one outstandingly spicy oyster that is out to knock your socks off, will surely spark off a fun dining session at The Manhattan FISH MARKET. We recommend that you have a glass of our refreshingly cool coolers or mocktails on hand to douse the fire. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Scrumptiously SOCIABLE sea-lections

Celebrate friendship and kinship, and connect with the ones who matter over our crowd-pleasing platters. On top of the four signature Flaming Platters, we have added more variants, whipping up the largest sea-lection of platters in Malaysia!

Bask in the Onion Glory with a treasure trove of crispy battered onion strips, served with a wickedly addictive Onion Glory dip. You’ll no longer view onions in the same light anymore.

Test your spiciness threshold with one of our Sharing Platters, the Volcano Island, spotlighting an earth-shattering explosion of juicy seafood-licious flavors in Murray Curry. Take your pick from fried scallops, poached spicy dory nuggets, Volcano mussels and slices of crispy baguette on a fragrant bed of Garlic Herb rice. Squeeze some lemon over the fiery island for that added tangy freshness which will Island Grilled Codelevate the crisp flavors from the ocean.

Opt for a sweet fin-ish with our Sizzling Banana Fritters with Ice-cream, comprising a scoop of chocolate ice-cream sailing on top of banana fritter boats in a sizzling hot plate of rich coconut cream.

Seafood for Everyone

Have a grillin’ good time with the newly available choices of Grilled Fishes – Cod, Salmon, Barramundi and Cherry Snapper. Pair it up with your favorite sauce and sides, and you’re off to a hearty meal.

Indulge in melting cheesy goodness with the Flaming Cheeesy Baked Rice, starring a generous slice of flame-grilled dory fillet atop well-seasoned Coriander and Rosemary Herb rice. Watch as our Sea-cret Agents turn up the heat by applying the restaurant’s signature flaming technique right before your eyes, giving The Manhattan FISH MARKET twist to the conventional baked rice.

With 53 reasons to visit The Manhattan FISH MARKET don’t miss out experiencing the launch of the all menu for yourselves. Open from 12 noon to 11 p.m from Monday to Thursday and 12 noon to 12 a.m. from Friday to Sunday, customers can visit the diner anytime at the Rajagirya and Deal Place outlets. For further information or to make a reservation, diners can call the Deal Place outlet on 0112301901 or the Rajagiriya outlet on 0112875975.